Monday, July 22, 2013

Wedding Trend: Open Seating

Photo by Ashleigh Taylor Photography via So Simply Special

To assign seats or to not assign seats . . . . . .That is the question.

One of the least enjoyable tasks of planning your wedding has to be the seating chart. Who to sit where and who not to sit next to who. It might just give you stress! So, since it's a party, why not get rid of it and let your guests mingle?

Lately, couples have been foregoing the popular seating chart and letting their guests choose a seat at any table (aka open seating). Now, I'm not saying this sort of thing works for every wedding reception, but maybe for yours. Not having a seating plan will most likely make the most sense for smaller, more intimate, informal weddings. Anyways, many brides and grooms never know if they should allow their guests to choose their own seats or to assign them. We are going to give you the pros and cons of open seating so that making the decision can be a little bit easier.

Photo by Eleven Eleven Photography via Style Me Pretty

Photo by Lauren Kirk Bride Photography via WeddBook

Open Seating – Pros
  • Guests get to choose where they sit
  • Guests get to choose who they sit by
  • No extra stress the night before, such as cancellations, last minute RSVP or the dreaded unplanned plus one :)
  • No extra cost for seating cards
Photo via Style Me Pretty

Open Seating – Cons
  • Tables will fill up fast so some groups may have to split up between two or more tables
  • Guests may end up at a table with people they do not know and don’t have much in common with OR even worse, be forced to sit with people that you know will not make great dining companions.
  • Everyone will want to sit closest to the bride & groom or the dance floor so family may be pushed to the back or separated
  • Tables may be segregated so not a lot of mingling will happen
  • You can’t easily have a plated meal where guests can pick their entree, buffet style works better
Photo by KT Merry via Style Me Pretty
Just remember, consider your guests at all times, when making these types of decisions. My advice is to talk this over with your wedding planner and listen to her suggestions. You don’t want any of your guests to leave your party because they're uncomfortable, can’t relax, get off their feet, etc.

Happy Planning!

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