Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Choosing Wedding Invitations

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Once you've selected your wedding and reception venues, it's the time to select wedding invitations that is perfect for your wedding. Despite the onset of email and digital media, snail-mail wedding invitations are still traditional. The perfect wedding invitation sets the tone for your entire wedding and it is the first impression guests have of your wedding.

Moustache and Kiss Wedding Invitation

The wedding invitations are somehow like a preview for the wedding itself. You have to choose the type of paper, the font, the design, the size, and decide what to write in it. If your wedding is traditional, select an invitation that is simple and elegant with black ink on white card stock.  If the wedding is modern you can select an invitation that can include colors, ribbons, photos or rhinestone embellishments.  You can also select an invitation based on a wedding theme or your wedding colors. 

Destination Wedding Invitation

Online retailers, such as Minted, offers a large selection of wedding invitations and they give you artistic ability to customize your wedding announcements to match your unique style and personality.  To inspire you, here are invitation examples for a traditional wedding, modern wedding, vintage wedding and a rustic wedding.





Before you order your invitations, it is best to get a sample of the invitation.  You want to ensure the card stock, color and printing meets your satisfaction. Remember, your wedding invitations should be personal and reflect the tone of your big day. And don't forget the RSVP card! Have fun selecting the invitation!


  1. Simple and lovely cards… I love the last one a lot. Very charming.

  2. I love the white lace wedding invitations, elegance illustrated wedding invitations and botanical wreath letterpress wedding invitations, they are simple and nice.


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