Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wedding Inspiration: Rain

Photo by Libby James via Ashley Loves

It’s spring! In many parts of the country that means lots and lots of rain. Rain is supposed to be one of the worst things that can happen on your wedding day, but I have to disagree. Most brides hope the day will bring cloudless skies and bright sunshine. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about Mother Nature. Although it can dampen your outdoor wedding, rain is said to bring good luck to your marriage.

It also brings some great photo opportunities as well as a special kind of romance to your overall day. So, if it happens to rain on the day you say ‘I Do,’ don’t panic! Just think of all of the of the great photographs and luck it will bring you.

Photo by Katy Cook Photography via Luckiest Girl Ever
Photo by Dixie Pixel via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Buy umbrellas in your colors and pose under them and give out rain boots to your bridal party as thank-you gifts. I think its adorable if your bridal party all stood in a line with different colored rain boots or umbrellas. Here are some ideas for rainy wedding day photos.

Photo by One Love Photography via Love and Lavender
Photo via Pinterest
Photo by Alixann Loosle Photography
Photo by Goudey Photo via I Do It Yourself Weddings
Photo by Lara Hotz Photography via The Lane
Photo via Caught the Bouquet
Photo via Burnett Boards

Do you think it's gonna rain on your Louisville wedding day? No matter what the weather is on your wedding day, you have a lifetime of sunny and rainy days alike to spend with the one you love throughout your married life.

Happy Planning!

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