Friday, March 15, 2013

Bouquet Jewelry

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Flower bouquets are a beautiful classic tradition to any wedding, but can be dressed up to look magnificent. Have you considered adding bridal bouquet jewelry? Bouquet jewelry has become a hot bridal accessory for bridal bouquets. It allows brides to personalize their bouquet in a unique way. 

The sparkle in the jewelry enhances your floral selection and gives it a more elegant look. They can also be used in other floral arrangements and special occasion centerpieces like bridesmaid’s flowers, boutonnieres, table centerpieces, wedding party hairstyles, and in many cases the wedding cake!

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Bridal bouquet jewels come in a wide range of proportions, shape and color which gives you several ways to add bling to your bouquets.

For any touch of glamor, place several crystals around the entire bouquet. 
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Have that elegant look by pick from varying shades of pearl. Triple pearl headed pins add that certain elegance when inserted deep into flower heads.

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Add a touch of tradition or sentiments, add a antique wedding jewelry or a crystal monogram using your husband’s initials or a loved one.

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Give a hint of fun for your bouquet, by adding some color and unique designs in the form of animals, hearts, flowers, bows, and beach related items.

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Some brides simply add a brooch or buckle on the stem of the bouquet.

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Simply beautiful right?! Don't miss out on the newest trend in Bridal Bouquets. At Koyal Wholesale, they offer an assortment of stunning crystal bridal bouquet jewelries and accents that are both stylish and elegant.

Hope you were inspired!


  1. Awesome bouquets for bridals which will make the wedding and bridal attractive.

  2. Flower bouquets are beautiful, but it can be dressed up to look more magnificent.

  3. This adds a nice twist to a classic look. I especially like the silver jewelry in the white flowers.

  4. I’ve never seen jewellery on a bouquet, I really love the idea and those bouquets which are in these photos are awesome.

  5. The Bloom flower bunches are wonderful, yet it could be spruced up to look more superb.

  6. Jewellery on a bouquet? So special ideas, looks also beautiful, but it will not be heavy?


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