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5+02 Wedding Tips: Selecting Wedding Shoes

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Louisville brides, given that your bridal shoes are usually well-hidden under your wedding gown, I can understand why your wedding shoes might not be the first thing on your mind when it comes to planning your bridal attire. However, choosing bridal shoes is very important since you'll be walking and dancing all day long and surely you don't want that 'my feet are killing me' expression on your face and in you wedding pictures.

If you want to look good and to stay comfortable and cheery on your wedding day, you need to pay special attention to the shoes that your are going to wear. Here are some 7 tips to consider.

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1. Choose your wedding shoes AFTER you've chosen your dress.

It's always easier to match your wedding dress. Having the dress first allows you to find shoes that complement your dress. There are several shades of white and ivory, so make sure you get a swatch from your dress shop to compare the shade.

Silk shoes are traditionally more of an off white shade because they are natural fabric, whereas imported satin shoes are very bright white with almost a blue hue to them. If in doubt, don't hesitate to ask you wedding shoe supplier.

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2. Check out the flooring in the wedding venue.

Your choice of shoes should take into account the location of your wedding. If the floor could be slippery, wedding shoes with glossy soles may make walking down the aisle become more of a slide. Planning an extravagant ballroom wedding with hundreds of guests? Make sure your wedding shoes are easy to walk in, as you would have to cover a lot of ground while interacting and taking photos with your guests.

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3. Purchase your shoes before you have your first wedding dress fitting.

Make sure you have your shoes for your dress fittings, to enable your dressmaker take the hem of your dress to the correct length. Keep in mind that you should order them in plenty of time as some shoes may take a while to come to order.

TIP: Footwear experts suggest it’s best to choose wedding shoes in the afternoon, as feet have a tendency to swell during the day. This will at least help prevent your wedding shoes from suddenly feeling too tight in the afternoon.

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4. Splurge on comfortable, high-quality shoes.

Go to a quality shoe store, get sized by a professional, and purchase a pair of comfortable quality shoes. But chances are, most brides in their right mind would still not want to spend a fortune on a pair of shoes that they would only wear for one day.

Instead of pure white shoes, you can go for shoes in colors such as silver or champagne gold. These shoes can still match your gown, and can be more easily reused for future dinners or cocktails. If white wedding shoes are a must for you, consider opting for designs that can be dyed to a more versatile color after the wedding.

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5. Find comfortable shoes.
Shop around and try on a shoes to get a fit that is comfortable. If you can't find a comfortable pair, get a second pair that you can change into later for wearing in the evening, for dancing in at your wedding party.

Pick a heel height that is comfortable for you and don’t forget to consider the height of the groom. Two inch heels may seem tempting, but if it will mean you’re towering over your groom on the day, they not be quite so ideal.

Buy the right size shoe. If you have found the shoe you want, but you can’t find your size – then skip it!  Don’t buy a size too big thinking you can stuff it with something to make it fit.

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6. You can make your shoes fun and unique.

I love that ladies are wearing fun wedding shoes nowadays instead of standard issue plain white satin pumps. Make them your something blue, get them hand-painted, wear TOMS, wear a fun fancy color, add a flower decoration.

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7. Break your shoes in. 

Wear the shoes around the house or practice dancing in them. This will help reduce the risk of them rubbing or causing blisters on your special day. Whatever you do, your wedding day should not be the first day you wear the shoes.

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Times have changed and women are no longer looking for those high heel bridal shoes only, they are looking for flattering designs and comfortable wedding shoes as well. If you're looking for some beautiful bridal shoes, Amazon has lovely shoes in their Bridal Section.


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