Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mason Jar Centerpieces for your Wedding

Photo by The House in the Roses

I am such a huge fan of mason jars in weddings. They are cute, inexpensive, versatile and can add a fun vintage (or rustic) feel to your special day. 

Today, I'll be featuring mason jars as great centerpieces at a wedding. They look great outdoor, vintage or rustic weddings. As a centerpiece, you can either have one stand alone or a few clustered together. The jars can be filled with flowers, candles, buttons, stones or any items you choose. You can tint or paint them and accent the jars with ribbon, lace, twine, or fabric.

Here are some of my favorite ideas on how to make Mason Jar Table Centerpieces work for you and your fabulous wedding. Take a look. 

Photo via Martha Stewart
Photo via Emmaline Bride
Photo via Bridgey Widgey
Photo via Wedding & Reception
Photo via Violet Hills Wedding
Photo via Violet Hills Wedding
Photo via WeddingBee
Photo via Catch My Party
Photo via Etsy
Photo via Etsy
Photo via Georgia Pellegrini
Photo via Bravo Bride
Photo via Bravo Bride
Photo via Tumblr
Photo via Pinterest
Photo via Lavender and Ash
Photo by Kristen Gardner via Style Me Pretty

If you'd like to see more mason jar wedding inspiration, check our post on 10 Ways on How to Use Mason Jars.


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  2. I would love to know how the floral print is achived on the jar in the first picture.

  3. I suggest you also conduct a taste-test. It's one of the yummiest parts of your wedding preparations, plus you're making your guests are getting only the best. Your groom-to-be's going to love this too!

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