Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Boutonnieres for Groomsmen

Left, Right

Interesting and creative groom boutonnieres are popular these days. It’s an easy way to add style and your personal touch to your wedding day. Now that it’s time to fall back into the autumn season, I wanted to highlight a few boutonnieres that are perfect for that rustic, fall wedding.

There are several great ideas I've seen so far - everything from boutonnieres shaped like colorful fall leaves to pine cone and dried flower bud boutonnieres. If your are a DIY bride, you can make your own fall boutonnieres and even make matching barrettes or clips for the bridesmaids. Here are some of my favorite  boutonnieres ideas I have come across for this coming fall!

Left, Center, Right

Top Row: Left, Center, Right
Bottom Row: Left, Center, Right


  1. Love the examples, the colours work so well together.

    The bottom left one is the best one, really rustic look.

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