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18 Alternatives to Bridesmaids Carrying Floral Bouquets

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Traditionally, bridesmaids carry a bouquet of flowers down the aisle, but the non-traditional may prefer something more unique and I love it when I see unique ideas for things that stray from the conventional. If you may be looking for something different for your bridesmaids to carry during the ceremony and is willing to try something other than the expected floral bouquet, here are some great ideas to inspire you.

There are alternatives to floral bouquets. If you think outside the box, options for what your bridesmaids can carry are nearly unlimited. Some of the items are great for bridesmaids to use after the wedding. Some brides give their lovely ladies something to carry that serves a dual-purpose – like candles or lanterns that are both charming and adds to the ambient light as well. There’s also a wide range of other accessories bridesmaids can use, everything from similar clutches and colored fans to pretty parasols and pinwheels. There have been brides that have allowed their bridesmaids carry a fanciful bunch of balloons or fiery awe-inspiring sparklers down the aisle. When choosing your bridesmaid bouquet alternative, be sure to keep in mind your wedding theme, your colors, and the overall feel you are going for.

1. Pinwheels
Pinwheels add a playful touch to your wedding day and are perfect for spring and summer weddings.
Photo by Taylor Lord via Wedding Chicks

2. Candles and or Lanterns
Lanterns are great for evening or outdoor weddings and can fit in nicely with a country or vintage theme.
Photo by Binaryflips Photography via Style Me Pretty
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3. Sparklers
Photo via Intimate Weddings

4. Balloons
Balloons bouquets are great for weddings. They add color and joy to all special events.
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5. Parasols
Parasols are fun and whimsical and are incredibly practical for an outdoor summer wedding.
Photo by Mihaja Photography via Pinterest

6. Faux Fur Muffs
Fur muffs are great for winter weddings. They look classic and elegant especially when paired with dresses in rich colors like brown and red.
Photo via Etsy

7. Fans
Fans can add an exotic flair to your day, and if your wedding is outdoors, your bridesmaids will appreciate carrying a fan all day.
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8. Feathers
Feathers to add texture and dimension to create that stunning bridal bouquet. There are many different types of feathers that can be used depending on the overall look and feel of the wedding.
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9. Baskets (of flowers)
If you like the idea of flowers, but still want to be unique, have your bridesmaids carry a basket full of flowers. This look is perfect for shabby chic weddings. Search through flea markets and antique stores for unique looking baskets.
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10. Clutches and Purses
A clutch in a coordinating color is a great alternative to flowers, and your bridesmaids will have a place to keep some small necessities during the wedding. And they are great for bridesmaids to use after the wedding.
Photo by Shannon Norman Photography

11. Hats and Headpieces
If you want to be really unique, forget the bouquet altogether, and instead have your bridesmaids wear dramatic headpieces or hats.
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12. Candy
Candy bouquets are an incredibly delicious option.
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13. Buttons
Have your bouquets made out of vintage buttons and a few leaves of reclaimed leather or felt.
Photo via Pinterest

14. Origami
I'm a big fan of the origami and there are just so many cool options.
Photo via Style Me Pretty

15. Ribbons
Photo by Maile Lani Photography via Southern Weddings

16. Beaded Bouquets
Beaded bouquets are fun, sparkly and festive. They look like fireworks that you can hold!
Photo via Blog for Beaders
17. Wrist Corsage
Wrist corsages are similar to a bracelet which is decorated with flowers. It could be fresh or fabric flowers with beads and other accents.
Photo via Pinterest
18. Brooch Bouquet
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