Thursday, September 27, 2012

Designer Wedding Dresses under $600

WTOO Wedding Dress "Poppy" - $596.00

Choosing the wedding dress is a huge part of the wedding planning process! After all, every bride wants to look amazing in the dress of their dreams, but not everyone wants to spend an outrageous amount. In 2012, the average cost of the wedding dress is between $900 and $1280. But as I was looking around for a wedding dress, I found out that there are many ways to create and find the gown of your dreams. I have found some beautiful options that are big on style and yet are all under $600. (Yes, less than the average cost of a wedding dress!)

Forever Yours 410104 Wedding Dress - $599.00

Mori Lee 2203 - $584.00

Mori Lee 2516 - $584.00

Mori Lee 4511 - $583.00

Mori Lee 4524 - $529.00

Mori Lee 4705 - $557.00

Bari Jay White 2008 - $228.00

Bari Jay White 2011 - $210.00

Bari Jay White  2017 - $240.00

Bari Jay White 2022 - $240.00

Bari Jay White 69934 - $360.00

Bari Jay White 69930 - $280.00

Da Vinci 50012 Wedding Dress - $480.00

Da Vinci 50155 Wedding Dress - $502.00

Da Vinci 8213 Wedding Dress - $548.00

Da Vinci 8385 Wedding Dress - $520.00

Eden 2374 Wedding Dress - $537.00

Eden 5133 Wedding Dress - $538.00

Personally, I'd recommend that you take time to search through websites and then find the dress in a local bridal shop here in Louisville. Here are a few online bridal shops where you can browse for that dream wedding dress for less.

Madame Bridal
The Dessy Group
Boncy Boutique
Dresses Shop
Vintage Wedding Dresses

Enjoy shopping for your wedding dress!

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