Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cupcake Wrappers

Photo via Dress My Cupcake
Transform your cupcakes from drab to dreamy with these cupcake wrappers! Cupcakes are great for weddings because they are so practical especially when there's a cake on top. If you're planning on having a dessert buffet at your wedding instead of the traditional tiered cake, cupcakes are your best bet. You have the option of having several different flavors and the portions are already set.

Photo via Intimate Weddings

For your cupcake display, consider using different flavors and cupcake wrappers for each tier.

Photo via Heart Blog

Cupcake wrappers can also be personalized with your own monogram. Or, you could consider using custom stickers, labels, or sticks and leaving one at each place setting at the reception with your guests name. 

Photo by Susan Gentile Photography via Kara's Party Ideas

Don’t forget that you can also use stamps and embellishments like rhinestones, glitter, stickers, and ribbon.

Photo via Call Me Cupcake

Create an elegant cupcake display using cupcake wrappers and toppers created by Koyal Wholesale. You can purchase them in many different colors, styles, shapes and sizes. Koyal Wholesale has the largest selection of cupcake wrappers of different colors and including personalized, monogram, lace, polka dot, glitter, damask, leopard print, and more.

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