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20 Non-Floral Bridal Bouquets Ideas

Feather Bouquet by La Plume Ethere

It has been a tradition that the bride carries a bouquet as she walks down the aisle. Yet, more and more brides are experimenting beyond the traditional floral bouquets. Perfect for the Do-It-Yourself bride, flowerless bouquets are an affordable, stunning and unique option that can be cherished as keepsakes for years to come. Bouquets can be made out of broaches, fabric, paper, seashells, buttons, ribbons, maple leaves or feathers. The possibilities are endless so be creative!

Here are gorgeous and creative non floral wedding bouquets to help you decide what your bouquet will be.
#1 Feathers.
Photo via Pinterest

#2 Clay.
Design by dkdesignshawaii

#3 Lollipop.
Photo via Lollipop Brides

#4 Paper Butterflies.
(L-R) 1 Paper Butterfly Bouquet, 2 Paper Butterfly Bouquet

#5 Wheat. 
Photo by Jerry Yoon Photographers via Green Wedding Shoes
Wheat bouquets are a great idea for a fall wedding.
#6 Sola Flowers. 
(L-R) Sola Wood Wedding Bouquet by A Special Day Designs, Sola Flowers
Sola “flowers” are actually tapioca wood!
#7 Brooches.
Clockwise: Vintage Brooch Bouquet, Sparkly Pink Brooch Bouquet, Silver Crystal Brooch Bouquet

#8 Wire. 
(L-R) Metal Bouquet, Modern Metal Bouquet
 You can adorn the wire bouquet with vintage crystals, pearls, and rhinestone buttons from old pieces of worn out jewelry.

Paper Lanterns from Luna Bazaar
#9 Vegetables.
Photo via Gourmet Fury

#10 Berries.
(L-R): Berry Bouquet, Snowberries Bouquet

 #11 Pinecones. 
Photo by Andrea Dozier
The pine-cone bouquet is perfect for a fall or winter wedding.
#12 Herbs. 
Photo by jazzylolo {Lauren Kennedy Photography}
Herb bouquets are budget-friendly and smells really good.
#13 Buttons. 
Photo via Pinterest
Pastel colored bouquets would be great for a vintage or rustic wedding while the ones with vibrant and popping colors would be suitable for a summer wedding.
#14 Fabric.
The above bouquet has flowers made from a variety of fabric and was then wrapped in lace and ribbon to give it an overall elegant, vintage look.

#15 Paper. 
L-R: Origami Bouquet, Storybook Paper Roses
Paper flowers can be crafted with plain or printed paper and made to look like almost any flower.

#16 Cotton.
Photo via Pinterest
#17 Doorknobs and Drawerpulls
Bouquet by Simply Bloom via 100 Layer Cake

#18 Tissue paper. 
(L-R) Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet, Tissue Paper Flower Centerpiece

#19 Airplant. 
Photo by Amanda McKinnon via Green Wedding Shoes

#20 Yarnball.  
Photo by sassyfras studios via Green Wedding Shoes
These flowerless bridal bouquets are super fun and crafty! Whether you mix non-floral objects with flowers, or go totally non-floral, these bouquets show that it can look both absolutely stunning, fun and unique.

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