Monday, June 11, 2012

{Daily Wedding Bits} Dos & Donts to Making your Wedding Unique

Photo by Amy Shepherd Photography

No one wants a “cookie cutter” wedding. When planning your Louisville wedding, you might want to incorporate both the timeless traditions and unique touches that make your wedding truly yours that would truly reflect who you are and make the wedding more memorable and special for all who attend.
Here's a snippet from the Polka Dot Bride of the do's and don'ts to making your wedding unique.
  • Don’t pull together a random selection of ideas from your favorite blogs, and handmade vendors.
  • Don’t be different for the sake of it.
  • Do over deliver on your guest’s expectations.
  • Do have professionals for your formalities.
  • Do be yourself.
Read the complete article here.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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