Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{Daily Wedding Bits} Trendspotting - Unity Tree & Tree Planting Ceremony

Photo by Worthington Photography via Manolo Brides

Looking for something different and unique to symbolize the joining of two lives into one, or two families joining together on this special day?  Here’s a “green” version of a unity ceremony – the tree planting ceremony.

Set up at the altar to include potted tree (you can get one from a location special to the couple), two small buckets of dirt (each can be collected at the bride and groom’s respective homes or from each set of parents’ homes), and two gardening trowels.  A small watering can be placed up front if desired as well.
Upon the entrance, each of the couple’s parents can front and scoop in a small amount of dirt from their small bucket before returning to their seat. On a specified time in the wedding, the bride and groom each add the remainder of the dirt to the large potted tree and water the plant together.

After the ceremony, take the potted plant, and transplant it at the newlywed’s home to symbolize putting down roots and longevity and strength within this marriage!

There’s more than one way to perform a wedding tree planting ceremony. The couple can start with a sapling with a root ball and actually plant it in a pot or in the ground. Brides and grooms can also plant the tree symbolically, starting with an already-planted sapling and adding soil to its container. Or a couple might simply simultaneously water a little tree that’s been previously potted.

No matter what way you choose, it’s a great way to have a “keepsake” from your marriage ceremony that will last a lifetime!

Photo via Pinterest
FYI… There is this awesome non-profit organization-Arbor Day Foundation. They are dedicated to planting, re-planting and educating the world of the great importance of trees. They have real tree wedding favors. You can give trees to your guests as a special reminder of your big day or plant 10 trees in their honor.

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