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{Daily Wedding Bits} Must Have Wedding Photos

Wedding Dress and the Flower Girl
Photo via emmalinebride via

Photography is the one of the best ways to preserve your favorite memories of your wedding day. Once you’ve booked your wedding photographer, it’s important to plan ahead on the types of poses you want taken.
Before the wedding day, compile a list of your favorite poses and discuss them with your photographer beforehand. Show him photos of the ceremony, reception or photography sites you plan to use. Together create a list of poses and locations for the photographer to follow on the wedding day. To help get you started, here is a list of the most popular photography poses you can use for your wedding day.

- Bride preparing herself
- Bridesmaids helping the bride into her dress

First Look of the Bridesmaids of the Bride in her Wedding Dress
Photo via Pinterest

- A shot of bride in mirror

A shot of bride in the mirror
Photo via Pinterest
- Bride putting her veil on / Mother of the Bride adjusting Bride's veil
- Bride with Mother (full length & closeup)
- Bride with Father (full length & closeup)
- Bride with Bridesmaids (full length & closeup)

Bride and her Bridesmaid(s)
Photo by Benfield Photography via Pinterest
 - Pinning on the corsages
- Flowers being delivered
- Bride with Grandparents (full length & closeup)
- Bride with other family members; sisters, brothers etc (full length & closeup)
- Various shots of the wedding dress, close up of shoes, wedding bands, etc (the clutter and the chaos can make excellent candid shots and a lovely reminder to the couple of all the stuff that goes on around the main event)

Bride's Lace Wedding Dress and Sparkling Shoes
Photo by  John Park Photography via Style Me Pretty

-Groom getting ready

Groom Getting Dressed
Photo by Braedon Photography via Braedon Photography
 - Groom with Best Man
- Groom with Parents and /or Grandparents
- Pinning on the corsages

Groom and Groomsmen
Photo by Austin Warnock Photography via Style Me Pretty

- Groom with other family members; sisters, brothers etc
- Some fun ones with Groom, Best Man and Groomsmen

First Look of the Bride and Groom
Photo via lapapeteriediva

- Bride's arrival
- Bride and Father walking intо venue
- Bride kissing father

A bride with her father on her way to her wedding.
Photo by The Nichols

- Bride with mother, parents and bridesmaids
- Guests оn arrival
- Usher showing guests tо theіr seats
- Various guests beіng seated
- General shots оf аll thе guests seated


- Parents and grandparents of the bride and groom being seated
- Groom waiting at the altar

Groom and Groomsmen at the Altar
Photo via Wedding By Color

- Bridesmaids and flower girl(s) walking down the aisle
- Bride and her father walking down the aisle

Bride on her Barn Wedding
Photo via Pinterest

- Bride joining groom at the altar
- Entire wedding party at the altar
- The exchange of vows/rings
- The wedding kiss

Wedding Kiss
Photo via Pinterest

- Bride and groom walking up the aisle
- All family combination shots (bride and groom with parents, grandparents, etc.)


- Bride and groom entering the reception room
- Receiving line shots (posed and candid)
- Any/all other toasts

A toast to the newlyweds
Photo via Pinterest
- The head table
- Bride and groom's first dance

Couple's First Dance
Photo by Rebecca Adler Rotenberg of Docuvitae via Style Me Pretty
- The cake table
- Bride and groom cutting the cake/ feeding each other first slice
- Bouquet toss

Bouquet Toss
Photo by Yan Photo via Yan Photo

-Garter toss
-Guests dancing
-A shot of bride and groom with their guests at each table
-Bride and groom leaving in the getaway vehicle

Newlyweds on their Getaway Vehicle
Photo by Punam Bean Photography via Style Me Pretty

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