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5+02 Questions with Kristen Becker of Five Dot Design (Kentucky Wedding Invitations)

It was love at first sight when I first saw the work of Kristen Becker, a Kentucky paper artist who also runs Five Dot Design, a stationery boutique based in Newport, Kentucky. No wonder she’s been featured at Design Sponge - it’s a great place for inspiration and eye candy for all things design.

Kristen has a website, a blog to showcase her lovely work, and you can find out more about her in an interview she did with us here at LouisvilleWedding Blog.

1. Tell us about Five Dot Design and the inspiration behind your company.
Five Dot is a custom invitation and stationery company that works one-on-one with you to create your wedding invitations just how you envision them – start to finish.

2. Tell us about the unique and interesting designs you offer and what makes Five Dot Design special, unique and different. What do you do at Five Dot Design that makes your product top notch?
We work together to choose the paper, style, colors, fonts - everything to give you exactly what you want. I look at all the options when it comes to materials and printing - nothing is off limits to me. I treat each client as a blank canvas and an opportunity to try something new and I love the idea of giving a client alternative options to the norm.

3. What are the trends you see happening right now regarding wedding invitations, save-the-dates, thank you's etc?
Right now, the rustic, vintage look that includes muted colors, lace, burlap and more natural elements is extremely popular. On the other end of the spectrum, there is still a huge love for the more traditionally elegant event that includes black and ivory in a very formal setting. Purple and green have been an extremely popular color combination the last few years, along with Tiffany blue and silver or gold.

4. Your company specializes in custom wedding invitations and stationery. In light of the fact that wedding invitation design requests are so numerous, how do you go about creating designs that are special and creatively unique for each client?
It can be a challenge to make each piece unique when you find clients drawn to similar styles, but seeing as how no two weddings are truly alike, we can always find a way to create a completely new piece. Many clients will mix and match elements from different invitation designs to create their ideal design. We may take a graphic element from one invitation, the shape of another, the paper color from a third and then a detail from the actual wedding to design something completely unique to them.

5. What is the most important thing you need to know about each couple before you start crafting their wedding invitation?
Aside from budget, the most useful thing for me to know is their personality - I like to think that I capture my client's personality in paper. One of the main reasons clients choose to have custom invitations created is because they want a design that is "them" and encompasses who they are as a couple. For me, that's the fun challenge of my job because even though a client may like the same style as another client, they also end up changing something to make the design better fit who they are as a couple.

6. What printing techniques do you employ to enhance your wedding invitation designs on paper?
One of my favorite printing methods is letterpress. It's such a timeless and beautiful art form that gives such a refined feeling to any stationery piece, not just wedding invitations. I've also used thermography on an invitation suite written entirely in calligraphy to give the feeling that each invitation was hand-written. I've used specialty printing methods to print on frosted vinyl, acrylic, fabric and wood, as well.  Using those unexpected materials and printing methods really allows your stationery to stand out to your guests. Every couple wants their wedding to be memorable, so the best way to do that is to give them something completely unexpected.

7. What are a few of the advantages of choosing your designs and services, as opposed to an online retailer or an invitation chosen out of large catalog book?
Choosing me to design your invitations means just that. I work with to give you exactly what it is you want. I’m currently working with a client that is passionate about being eco-friendly in her wedding stationery choices. I was able to provide a sustainable paper as an option to her, along with eco-friendly adhesive. Her wedding invitations can then be planted and wildflowers will grow shortly after, not only incorporating her passion for being eco-friendly, but also giving her guests a very real and touching reminder of their wedding.
You’re in control of your final product and the things that mean the most to you are incorporated into your invitations and I simply translate your ideas and vision into a tangible, final product. Some online retailers give you this same option, but many will limit your choices to options they provide to you and catalogs often give even fewer options, making it more of a challenge to set your invitations apart in the sea of invitations many of your friends and family will be receiving.

Also, here are just a few paper pretties that Kristen has created:

All photos are courtesy of Kristen Becker 
(Thanks to JMM Photography, Nathan Peel Photography, Jessica Strickland Photography and TM Photography for providing photos)

For inquiries and questions, here’s her contact information below:

Kristen Becker - Five Dot Design

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