Monday, March 26, 2012

Why do Women Want Diamond Engagement Rings?

Photo by Lizzie Loo Photography via Lizzie Loo Blog
Women have an eternal desire to feel special – giving rise to their desire for diamond rings. It’s strange though how women around the world, despite the different nationalities, religions, traditions, family, educational backgrounds, occupations and temperaments, want diamond rings.
Though most women understand that an engagement ring need not necessarily be a diamond ring, and engagement only requires true love and commitment, they notice the high value that the world tends to put on a man who gives a diamond ring to her fiancée. The man's love for his lady seems to get proclaimed loudly with the glitter of the diamond. And, thus, like a woman's eternal wish of making the world jealous with her choice of a fiancée or husband, increases her secret desire for a diamond ring. 

(Short history lesson: Back in the Roman Age, diamond rings started holding a special value. In those times, a man was had to barter for his bride. The idea was to offer the engagement as a security for his commitment to marry. If, the man failed on his betrothal, the engagement ring was kept by the bride as her financial security – rising to the need of offering diamond engagement rings since they had high monetary value. This is where the concept that diamond rings are the most special of all rings originated.)

If you're Mr. Right, you’ll most likely be entering the uncharted waters of diamond buying. The first thing you must do is learn a little something about diamonds. At this stage some personal investigation and education will really help you a lot in choosing an engagement ring for your lucky lady Louisville Bride. 

Happy Shopping!


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