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Getting Married At Your Alma Mater (College and University Venues in Louisville KY)

University of Louisville's University Club
Photo by Beehner Photography via Beehner Photography
College is consider an important time of life, not just for education and resume development, but also for meeting people. It is prime time for finding a soul mate—and long after graduation we tend to bump into and connect with fellow alumni. So it’s not surprising that many engaged couples wish to tie the knot on campus.

A drawback that you might encounter is that most colleges only welcome students, alums, or faculty. They may not have an elegant venue, they may have alcohol restrictions, or more likely, their facilities may be busy with students 24/7, leaving no spare time for outside rentals - so you might have to double-check the college school calendar. It might be available for outside events on weekends. Some campuses rent spaces for non-student events during summer only.

With all these roadblocks, why do couples still opt for campuses that host weddings? I guess there’s this enticing connection if it’s your alma mater. And people are always looking for alternate venues. Here are some campuses that offer a rental facility for your wedding.

Weddings at The University Club
Located in the northeast corner of Belknap campus, near Cardinal Boulevard, the Club is close to downtown Louisville. They have a professional catering and event planning staff who are happy to coordinate all details of your special event. Alumni, faculty, and staff of the University, including retirees, are all eligible for membership in the Club.

Wedding Reception at the University of Louisville Delphi Center
Photo by Jason Holzworth via Jason Holzworth

Weddings at University of Louisville Delphi Center (Shelby Campus)
The Delphi Center’s facilities are ideal for both small and large events. It offers unique features in a beautiful and affordable wedding ceremony and reception venue.  Located on over 20 acres in a serene, east-end environment, Shelby Campus can accommodate your wedding ceremony and wedding reception either indoors or outdoors. They have a dedicated team that will work to support all aspects of your wedding.

The planetarium and science center offers exceptional entertainment and educational experiences as well as space to accommodate elegant black tie events and functions. Located on the University of Louisville's main Belknap campus, the Rauch Planetarium has been delighting schoolchildren and adults alike with shows on the planets, stellar constellations and other astronomical wonders. In addition to standard astronomical fare, the Rauch Planetarium also presents a nightime laser light show. This spectacular audio-visual experience pairs your favorite pop and rock songs and albums in surround sound with lovely patterns and colors on the dome.

Garden Wedding Ceremony at Gardencourt (Louisville Seminary)
Photo by Todd Pellowe via Todd Pellowe

Weddings at Louisville Seminary
Louisville Seminary offers the meeting facilities, wedding and reception sites, and overnight accommodations. Located in the old part of St. Matthews on a fourteen-acre estate, it overlooks Cherokee Park and features formal gardens, colonnade, pool and arbores created by The Olmstead Brothers, son and stepson of Frederick Law Olmstead. This is a great wedding venue on spring, summer and fall seasons. The exterior grounds can accommodate up to 400 grounds seated.

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