Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{Daily Wedding Bits} Where to buy your Wedding Gown - Louisville Bridal Boutiques

When you're shopping for your wedding dress, how do you know where to start?  You can see our list of a few locally owned bridal shops here in Louisville KY. We suggest you to check them out along with a few quick tips to get you prepared.

1. Make an appointment.  This is extremely important in order insure you get the proper one-on-one attention necessary to find your perfect dress and your best defense against a long wait, especially if you're planning on shopping over a weekend.  

2. Research and be inspired. Be sure to take in your tear sheets and pictures from magazines or print out your favorites from Pinterest.

3. Know the setting of your ceremony & reception.  This will help you determine which style of gown is best suited for your event.

4.  Know your budget.

5.  Be open-minded and prepared to try on lots of styles to find the most flattering for your body.  You might be surprised!

We suggest beginning  your search by checking our list of local bridal salons. Happy Shopping!

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