Thursday, March 15, 2012

5+02 Thursday Tips: 7 Southern Inspired Wedding Ideas

Southern weddings are a wonderful way of showing off some of our finest traditions and cuisine besides being spectacularly beautiful and romantic. If you are a girl who has her heart set on being a southern belle for the day, then go for it. Here are 7 ways to add some of that southern flair to your wedding.

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1.) Southern weddings would typically be set in an antique setting, such as a garden or the lawn of a historic estate or in a rented old antebellum plantation. Some of Louisville's most notable historic homes include the Thomas Edison House, the Farmington Carriage House, and Whitehall. To enhance your antique setting, consider decorating with draped linen, hanging lanterns or elegant florals.
Whitehall Mansion
2.) A classic Southern wedding is usually designed with a soft, feminine color palette. Blush pink, pale yellow, champagne, soft peach, and white or ivory are among the most popular hues. You could either choose one signature color such as pink to accent white (or ivory), or blend all of the soft colors together into one palette.

3.) The lush gardens of the South are justifiably famous. It is only natural that an abundance of full flowers would be used in a Southern wedding. Southern wedding flowers are garden flowers, such as gardenias, roses, peonies, camellias or magnolia blossoms. For a southern touch, integrate these into the centerpieces or the bouquet of your choice.
4.) A traditional Southern bride has an eye for tasteful beauty, and will tend to choose a wedding dress that is more timeless than avant garde. Lace gowns are especially popular, as they exude the sense of timeless elegance that Southern ladies appreciate. Her trademark is a romantic bell shaped gown made of silk and embellished with lace and pearls.
5.) If the d├ęcor signifies a traditional southern wedding, then the food will bring it home. The reception is held on the verandah where champagne, iced tea, whiskey and brandy are served to guests. Food of the southern tradition is served- roast duck, red velvet cake, pies, shrimp cocktail, steaks and barbeque. Southern weddings invite finger foods such as quiches, fried vegetables, or cocktail sausages wrapped in crescent rolls. For a modern touch, consider adding a biscuit bar, complete with sweet tea, honey and jam.
6.) No Southern wedding would be complete without a groom's cake. This is a custom that has been coming back in weddings in recent years, probably because it is so much fun. The groom's cake is traditionally a surprise gift from the bride to her groom. After all, a gracious bride with "good home training" knows that a wedding is about making everyone feel special, not just the bride.
7.) Tradition and heritage matter in the South and brides love to incorporate family heirlooms into their weddings. There is something just so special about borrowing a treasured item from a family member, and it is a lovely way to make your wedding more meaningful.

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