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Kentucky Barn Wedding Venues

Barns are becoming increasingly popular among brides as a choice in wedding venues. Among these, Louisville (in and all around Kentucky) play host to a great deal of choices in rustic and historic barns. Here's a couple of great Kentucky Barn Wedding Venues.
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Wedding in Gallrein Farms
Weddings in Gallrein Farms
Gallrein Farms is family owned and operated, the farm consist of 1,000 acres of scenic Shelby County, bringing you the very best of life on the farm: Farm fresh vegetables, a petting zoo, nine greenhouses full of gorgeous flowers in the spring, a rental pavillion for all of your special occasions, hayrides to the pumpkin patch in the month of October and much more. Surrounded by beautiful green pastures, trees, and a pond . . . there’s really no better place to gather friends, family or co-workers! And there is enough space outside for the kids to run and have a great time!

Kiss at a Blackacre Wedding
Weddings in Blackacre
The Blackacre Nature Preserve is a 300-acre, hidden gem nestled in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city life.  Included in this picturesque scene are rolling pastures, grasslands, ponds, horses, billy goats, Appalachian style barn, and a historic Homestead dating back to the 18th century.  It is a perfect location for the modern, rustic, country wedding. Rental options include the 1844 Presley Tyler Farmhouse, grounds surrounding our historic barn, the Schick Nature Center/grounds and adjacent picnic tables.

Wedding in Indiana’s Hubers

Weddings in Huber’s Family Farm
The Joe Huber Family Farm is a family-owned farm in Indiana. Their private Gazebo surrounded by the lake, the orchards and the lush landscape create a stylish outdoor country style wedding. They also have banquet halls where you can have you indoor reception. You also have the option to rent horses for carriage rides. To entertain your guests, they also offer guided trailer rides around the farm.

Locust Grove Wedding
Weddings in Locust Grove
Locust Grove is a National Historic Landmark on 55 acres of the original 694 acre farm established by William and Lucy Clark. Locust Grove is a great venue for a Louisville outdoor Wedding.

Wedding at the Buffalo Trace Distillery

Weddings in Buffalo Trace Distillery
One of the nation’s oldest continuously operating distillery, Buffalo Trace Distillery occupies 130 acres in Franklin County, Kentucky. Located the property, the Elmer T. Clubhouse offers the perfect setting for your wedding. Commissioned by Albert Blanton more than 60 years ago, the Elmer T. Lee Clubhouse is constructed with 200-year-old logs from authentic Kentucky log cabins. The Clubhouse's rustic veranda and balcony overlook an expansive tree-shaded courtyard, which is bordered by an ornamental stream, and floral gardens that present seasonal blooms from spring through fall.

Introducing The Barn at Cedar Grove
Weddings at The Barn at Cedar Grove
Located in south central Kentucky, The Barn at Cedar Grove is located on over 200 acres of wooded acres and farm meadows. The property is surrounded by Russell Creek and features multiple sites for wedding ceremonies, both waterside and in open grassy areas, as well as endless scenic photo locations. An old inscription on a piece of wood inside the barn reveals that it was built in 1911. Exactly one hundred years later, the dilapidated barn was renovated when the property owners’ granddaughter had a vision of hosting her own wedding inside those historic walls. The results were dramatic, and The Barn at Cedar Grove opened its doors to other couples seeking the perfect rustic chic wedding venue.

Wedding at the Historic Maple Hill Manor

Weddings at Maple Hill Manor
If there was ever such a thing as the quintessential Kentucky wedding, it’s a wedding at the incredible Historic Maple Hill Manor, Springfield, KY - just minutes from Bardstown, Kentucky.   From its inception, Maple Hill Manor has been a love story, beginning as a wedding gift to a bride. Today it carries on the tradition of romance providing the perfect setting for Weddings, Receptions, and Honeymoons. Maple Hill Manor offers an elegant place for a truly memorable event - whether inside the Manor or the beautiful grounds with its Flower Gardens, Wedding Gazebo, Tent Areas, Event Barn, Horse and Carriage Rides, not to mention the picturesque country landscape which surrounds this gracious plantation home.

Country Wedding at the Talon Winery
Weddings at Talon Winery
Talon Winery located at the historic Fair View Farm in Lexington, Kentucky. Talon Winery is the perfect location for any event – from corporate galas to intimate dinners as well as outdoor weddings and fabulous receptions. Imagine your wedding in the middle of Bluegrass Country at a stunning vineyard and winery. No restrictions on caterers and fantastic wines make Talon the place for your wedding.  There are several options for your venue.  The large 4500 sq. ft. Barrel Barn is great for large groups up to 250, and includes tables and chairs for 136, a small kitchen for prep-work, dressing area, beautiful pond area and twinkle-lit dance floor add to the atmosphere.  The Moondance Gazebo overlooks the lush acres of the bluegrass and is close to the tasting room.

Wedding at The Barn at Redgate
Weddings at The Barn at Redgate
With its charm, serene country setting and unique architecture, The Barn at Redgate is an ideal wedding venue. Guests are greeted by a stately iron red gate flanked with stone columns into a peaceful setting of a barn style facility on 20 acres of a beautiful rolling hills with a gazebo and patio area.

Weddings at the Black Barn
Rustic and yet picturesque, the Black Barn is the perfect setting for anything from family reunions to laid-back wedding receptions. Built in the center of acres of rolling bluegrass, the barn has concrete floors, a bathroom on-site, and an adjacent covered patio, helping it to exude the charm of old-fashioned farm living while providing convenient amenities that will make your event more enjoyable.

If you know of a Kentucky or Southern Indiana Barn Wedding Venue that should be on this list, feel free to post a comment below.


  1. Wow! Those wedding venues are really cool and refreshing. I rally like it! It's really stress free.

  2. This is the first time I saw a wedding help in a farm and I have to admit, it is simply awesome.long island weddings

  3. Nice setup with really a classy look.Some time ago I was looking for such a venues too, which will be in my budget and the one that is appreciated by all. During my search i found this wedding reception and get fully satisfied and i am very much moved by their settings and helping environment.


  4. Wow, I love this venue - a peaceful and a fabulous wedding. Congratulations to the newly weds and best wishes.

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  7. This places are really wonderful, celebrating a special event like this the beauty of our nature is really cool. When you are in this place, there's nothing you can do than to be happy because probably while I'm staring at the photos over there, I'd always smile. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Wedding and at the same time reception that was all done in the barn is a very cool idea! If all the people planning to be married will be on a place like that I guess renting at long island party venues is not needed anymore.

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  10. I really love barn weddings, it has a beautiful places and I enjoy watching it.

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  14. Congrats to these couples! I love the smile and it really shows true love and happiness. That's why I love to attend weddings.

  15. Please include Darby Falls Farm in Louisville in your listings.

  16. Bluegrass Wedding Barn is a unique venue offering gorgeous views.

  17. Old Blue Ribbon Farm in Eminence, KY is a beautiful wedding site!!!!


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