Friday, February 24, 2012

{Daily Wedding Bits} Choosing the Date for Your Louisville Wedding

One of the important details in wedding planning is choosing the date of the wedding. There are many factors that determine your wedding date - time of year, other people's weddings, life events, and of course whether or not the venue of your dreams is available. While it's typical for weddings to fall on a Saturday, it's not unusual for brides and grooms to exchange vows on a Friday or a Sunday or even a weekday!

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Louisville hosts some of the top annual events through the year that fall on or over a weekend. The increase in hotel room reservations could mean higher room rates and a limit on room blocks for your guests. To know about which dates might impact hotel rooms for your out-of-town guests, here are some of the popular dates that you may want to be aware of or avoid. During these events, it’s nearly impossible to get rooms downtown or even in the suburbs of Louisville. Your guests will pay a premium if they do get a room and they may be scattered across the city. Traffic downtown could also be a nightmare, meaning that parking will cost more too. All of these things could impact the cost and experience for them and you.

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Another popular date for weddings is the weekend preceding a national holiday like Memorial Day in May or Labor Day in September. This long weekend gives guests flexibility with travel and they can stay longer. Fun and numerical dates might also be popular. More and more couples are choosing fun wedding dates, maybe to help their groom remember their anniversary for years to come – like Cinco de Mayo: 5/5/12, 5/12/12, 7/7/12, and 12/12/12.

You might be asking if venues are cheaper on alternate days (not Saturdays). While not every venue offers deals, here are a few that do!
  • Whitehall Mansion and Gardens has off season rates for Mansion & Grounds Rental charges. You can save as much as $1500 for your wedding.
  • If you decide to have your wedding at the Brennan House, you'll spend much less if you book the house between Monday and Thursday, when 6 hours costs only $500 as opposed to Saturdays, when the price jumps to $1000 for 6 hours. 
  • Locust Grove also offer great rates if you’d consider alternative days of the week. Saturdays, Sundays, and Holiday rentals costs about $1400.00. Mondays to Thursdays rentals go for $600.00 while Fridays cost $1200.00.
So weigh the pros and cons and most definitely your priorities - do you have a special date that means a lot to both of you? There's a lot to think about but remember, regardless of whether you pick a Thursday or a Saturday, there's no wrong day for a wedding.

Happy Louisville wedding planning!

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