Thursday, February 2, 2012

5+02 Thursday Tips: 7 Ideas for Valentine's Day

Hello Louisville Couples! With Valentine's Day coming up soon, I've compiled 7 romantic valentine ideas for making your beloved once feel special on this Valentine's Day.

#1 Bake some Cupid's Arrow Cupcakes. I came across this cupcake recipe over at Bakerella and thought that some red velvet cupcakes like in the photos below would make your Valentine's Day special.
Cupid Arrow Cupcakes via Bakerella

#2 Make some hearts! with some nifty plastic bags, parchment paper and tin foil.
Valentine Garland from Plastic Grocery Bags via Aunt Peaches

#3 Write a pack of little Love Notes for your dearest one - and bundle them up together with string.
Anniversary Love Notes by Christine Wisnieski via Oh So Beautiful Paper

#4 Surprise your loved one and give them SEVEN days of love surprises. You can print out seven tiny notes containing love quotes, messages, and you can even write your own personal love notes. Feel free to visit by post on 54 Romantic Movie Quotes and Sayings
Seven Surprises of Love via The Dating Divas

#5 Start thinking about your Valentine's Day coupon ideas.
 Photo by Love vs Design

#6 Go out on a Valentine's Date. Think of some Valentine date hot spots in Louisville. Some great places to take your date include fancy restaurants, parks, to the movies, out to the mall, to a dance, and you might even consider having a date at your place (if you’re not living together, of course). Think of some place where there will be just enough excitement to keep the night alive, but not so much that it takes your focus off one another.

#7 Simply say how you feel towards your beloved one. (and please sincerely mean it.) It does have to be long. You can say them in 4 words or less. (Like, "I love you." "You make me happy." "Happy Valentine's Day Sweetie!") Just a few words can already mean a lot. =)

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