Sunday, January 29, 2012

{Daily Wedding Bits} *NEW* Postage Rates

Postage rates increased by a penny last 22nd of January 2012. I have made a handy cheat sheet for standard postage rates of common wedding mailings. Of course, you should always take all of the pieces of your invitation to the post office to be weighed before you purchase postage, just to be safe.

If your invitations are square envelopes/postcards, non-bendable envelopes, and extra thick envelopes that don’t fit through the USPS machines, there nay be an additional fee for being non-machinable — check with local post office for rates or use the usps’s handy postage price calculator. Besides buying stamps at your local post office, you can buy official USPS stamps online at

You should also check out my post on the new USPS wedding stamp in case you missed it.

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