Thursday, January 26, 2012

{Daily Wedding Bits} Making your own wedding invitations

Make your own wedding invitations! Lots of fonts to choose from.

Having a wedding invitation need not to be expensive, in fact, you could take this matter into your own hands and decide to make your own wedding invitation. Yes, that's right; you don't need a professional to make your wedding invitation. You could make it at the comfort of your own homes and still make it look as beautiful as the ones made by a professional. All you need for this project is a specialty paper with good quality and a dependable computer and printer.

Making your own wedding invitations can be a great idea, but addressing your wedding invitations and wording them can be challenging. For some help, you can check out this easy-to-understand wording your invitation and envelope article. Depending on your wedding theme, you can also make use and download the fonts you see above. Its free fonts from Going Home to Roost via Oh Hello Friend


  1. Thanks for sharing this to us. This is really informative and helpful on how to create a perfect wedding invitation.

  2. Such a great and helpful post. Thumbs up for sharing this. This adds more ideas on how to select the perfect font for your wedding invitation.


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