Saturday, December 3, 2011

Questions To Ask Wedding Photographers


Hiring a wedding photographer is likely on your list if you have a special day approaching, and it may be causing you stress. When it comes to capturing those special moments you want to know that you have chosen the best person for the job. There are so many options available that it may seem overwhelming to know where to begin. It does not have to be so daunting. When it comes time to meet with someone, there are some questions that you should always ask to determine who best meets your needs.

Before you get to the details of pricing and booking you want to know that the person you have chosen does quality work. Always start by asking to see several of their complete wedding projects. This includes photos that did not make the portfolio. This will help you to get a feel for their eye as well as their talent. You will know if they were able to catch those moments that you do not want to miss. It will also ensure that you choose someone who truly has experience doing these events.

When you begin to go over pricing you want to know what you are getting for your money. Be sure to ask. Inquire as to whether there will be additional photographers at the event or only the one. If it is only one then verify what will transpire if something were to occur that prevented them from being there. You do not want your special day ruined by the emergency situation of someone else.

Fees play a major role when you choose someone so setting up clear expectations in the beginning is a necessity. Ask about any additional fees that are charged including travel fees, fees for moving from one location to another for the reception and any other costs that may not be outlined or expected. Knowing in advance can save much trouble later.

The package you pay for should be the one you want. Every wedding photographer has standard packages available. However, this may not be all they offer. If you do not see one that fits your desires do not be afraid to ask if they offer customized packages that are more to your liking. Many are willing to do this for a special event.

Most people like to receive a CD of all of their images as a memory of the day. While not all images are frame or album worthy, they are still special moments you cannot recreate. Ask ahead of time if a CD is an option and if there will be an additional cost to purchase one. Chances are it will be well worth the expense if the person does their job well.

One of the most often overlooked details is the amount of time covered under the fee. Many people assume that when they hire a photographer they are paying for the entire day. Instead, some are only paying for a set number of hours. You should always ask ahead of time if all day service is covered by the rate being quoted. If not, inquire as to how much all day coverage costs.

This is a once in a lifetime day for you and you want to preserve every memory you can. It is important to pick the right person for the job. By asking these questions ahead of time you are making sure you know what you can expect from wedding photographers Louisville.

I wrote this article because over the years I have seen some pretty bad wedding photos. My wife and I had a friend of the family do our photos. He was okay. I'm guessing that you do not want to settle for okay. You want the best. If you are looking for quality wedding photographers in Louisville I have some great tips for you and I may even be able to point you in the right direction. You can find more information about wedding photographers at

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