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5 Ideas on How to Have a Bachelorette Party in Louisville

To the ladies engaged to be married, my congratulations to you. Now, before you walk down the aisle in that wedding dress, before you promise to love, honor and obey, gather your girlfriends together and be very, very bad.

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A bachelorette party means different things to different people.  Some women like to go out to a bar, drink, and have a good time while others may want a quieter, more intimate setting such as a home or nice restaurant.  The party is usually planned by the maid or matron of honor, but any close friend can take charge of the details. Whilst the bridal shower is still a standard event for brides, a bachelorette party is a more laid back party. Read on to learn about some ideas on how to have a great bachelorette party in Louisville.

Idea#1: An Evening Out with the Girls
Similar to a bachelor party, a bachelorette party usually involves an evening out with the gals. A lot of bachelorette parties begin in one location and move on to a different location, like a bar, later in the night. Here in Louisville, one great club areas would be at Fourth Street Live. It is an entertainment complex with lots of bars & pubs. It's a little touristy, but may be perfect for a bachelorette party. Some clubs here like Howl at the Moon offer bachelorette party packages. Depending upon the weekend, there may be other events, live music etc. in the area. Check Velocity  and LEO for scheduled events. You can opt to stay at one of the downtown hotels for the night. Some popular choices are the Seelbach Hotel, modern 21C Museum Hotel, the Galt House Hotel and Suites, the Louisville Marriott Downtown, or the Brown Hotel. All are just at a walking distance from Fourth Street Live.

Another best bet would be to hit up the Bardstown road and Baxter avenue area. That is where the majority of bars in Louisville are. You can do a pub crawl/bar hop from one to the other being that all of them are within walking distance. There's a good mix of restaurants and bars along Bardstown and Baxter so you shouldn't have a problem finding something to do.

A popular choice for an evening out on a bachelorette party is going to a male ‘exotic’ dancing club. However, the male strip thing never caught on Louisville much. But, sometimes they will advertise male review shows every now & then at the female strip clubs. This is also a large gay bar called Connections that gets a lot of bachelorette groups. On Saturday night they used to do a big drag show. I haven't been in years, so call & confirm times etc.

Here are some sites where you can check for reviews about these places:
Idea #2: Cruise on a Party Bus.
Whether or not the bachelorette party involves alcohol, employing a bus or limousine service is a good way to keep guests together and keep them from getting lost in the evening. Also, the bride and the girls will feel like celebrities going out from a fabulous stretched limousine. Some suggested limo companies would be Person to Person Limousine and Aztec Limousines. Both have reasonable rates (and you can actually ask for a stripper pole in it). You can also rent the Party Pool Express....a classic old fire truck.

Idea #3: A Day of Beauty and Relaxation
Treat yourself and your girlfriends to a day--or at least a half day--of beauty and pampering at such popular day spas as Z Salon & Spa, Joseph's Salon, Fifth Avenue Salon & Spa or Dazzle Salon & Spa. Ask about special packages. You can make it more simple, low-key and low expenses by having it in your own house. You can hire a spa therapist or two to provide manicures, pedicures and massages. You can also serve finger foods and snacks, and even cocktails for the guest. You can also have a little ceremony were guests can share their thoughts about the bride-to-be and do bachelorette party games to make it feel like a proper party. Either way, all of the women can enjoy massages, manicures and makeovers.

Idea#4: Stripping but NO Strippers
Of course no bachelorette party would be complete without strippers. The person planning the event may think this suggestion is too traditional. It isn't! A great bachelorette party idea is to teach your guests to strip. Instead of hiring a stripper, hire someone who teaches stripping. Think of this as the gift which keeps on giving! All attendees at the party will learn something new, if not gain some great figure sculpting tips! Here in Louisville, I heard you can have private burlesque classes from the Silk Dance Studio, located at the Clifton Center (2117 Payne Street, Studio 305, Telephone 502-727-5491). Just call them and confirm. Don’t worry, I think there will be NO NUDITY, but you will be using your undergarments over your regular cloths. Another alternative to this is to have pole dancing party. You can head over to Modern Day Fitness where you can learn to do sexy pole and floor routines.

Idea #5: Shopping for ‘Naughty’ Products
There are a few novelty stores out there with good quality bachelorette party supplies at a reasonable price. However, the fact is that most stores don't specialize in them. Luckily, there is the Love Boutique, Downtown Louisville’s Adult Superstore. They carry a large selection of Bridal wear, lingerie, men’s underwear, toys, personal accessories, magazines, books. All these things, including a number of games and details, create the setting for great fun. A diverse assembly of decorations, accessories and original bachelorette party ideas will ensure guests have a great experience.

Now ladies, always remember, a successful bachelor party isn't about the cost, debauchery or outlandish sex talk. A successful bachelorette event should revolve around the idea of experiencing things together, even if it is learning to dance burlesque or pole dance!


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