Thursday, December 22, 2011

24 Interesting Engagement Photography Location Ideas in and around Louisville

Weeks before their wedding, couples usually have their engagement portrait session and come dressed up depending on the concept or theme they want to be captured. For a lot of them, they explore unique environments and romantic locations to have it as their backdrop. Here in Louisville, most couples tend to pick places that mean a lot to them. If you are living within the countryside area, old motels, wide open fields, and dilapidated barns can give you unique photographs. If you live in a city, a vintage signage, graffiti, and brick walls can make excellent background.

Here’s some of a bit edgy, unique, and traditional ideas for your Louisville engagement sessions. Take it as an inspiration to come up with a decision for a memorable location that will be captured in photograph and cherish for a lifetime.

1. At the stadium where you tried to hit the ball to catch her attention. 
Photo by Shaunring Photography

2. On a vineyard where you had your first date
Photo by Jules Wiegand

3. At the boat where you first caught your first fish together 
Photo by Eric Graf Photography

4. Above the sky where you jump for joy together 
Photo by Danelle Alexis Photography

 5. Riding the airplane where you first held hands together
Photo by David Blair Photography

 6. Under the snow where you flirted with each other 
Photo by All Angles Photography

 7. At the cafe where you always used to get coffee together
Photo by Lizzie Loo Photography

8.  At the theater where you shared so many special moments 
Photo by Billy Grubbs

 9. On top of the tree where you first climbed up together 
Photo by Scotty Perry

 10. Along the creek where you shared your dreams together 
Photo by Jules Wiegand

 11. Near a sculpture where you found each other 
Photo by Jules Wiegand

 12. At the playground where you both used to play as kids 
Photo by Courtney Reece Photography

 13. Inside the bookstore where you first met 
Photo by Billy Grubbs Photography

 14. On the tree bridge where you both sat together for the first time 
Photo by Courtney Reece Photography

 15. Under the bridge where you shared so many special moments 
Photo by All Angles Photography

 16. Under a tree where you proposed to her 
Photo by Todd Pellowe

 17. In the forest where you sung your first love song together 
Photo by All Angles Photography

 18. On the riverside where you would watch sunsets together 
Photo by Eric Graf

 19. By the car he initially picked you up 
Photo by Eric Graf Photography

 20. At the park where you spent hours together reading 
Photo by Jules Wiegand

 21. At your old high school in which you both studied together 
Photo by StudioE Photography

 22. At your home's front porch where he would pick you up for your date
Photo by  All Angles Photography

 23. At the park where you had your first kiss 
Photo by All Angles Photography
 24. In the park where you would walk your dogs together 
Photo by Aesthetiica Photography

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