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Planning a Kentucky Derby Wedding: Part 4 – Food and Drink

Photo by Greg Blomberg Photography via Style Me Pretty
Kentucky has plenty of regional foods that can be enjoyed at a Kentucky Derby themed wedding. Here are some food and drink ideas you can serve at the reception.

Mint Julep
Photo via Southern Living
During cocktail hour, you can pass around and serve the official drink of the Derby, the Mint Julep. Click here to see the drink recipe. It is an exotic combination of fine bourbon, mint, and sugar that is served chilled in these attractive silver cups. You can actually consider making these cups as your wedding favor, with your wedding date firmly engraved on them. For non-drinkers, try pouring ginger ale and a tablespoon or two of mint syrup over ice and garnish with a fresh mint sprig. You could also serve a cool mint iced tea instead.One other thing that is a key part of the Kentucky Derby celebration is Champagne, so be sure to keep it flowing!

As for the main dish, you can have the Burgoo. It is pork, beef and chicken stew simmered in savory spices served with vegetables. Other food items that you can serve are Southern classics like buttermilk biscuits, country ham, Kentucky Hot Brown, cheese garlic grits.
Red Velvet Cake with Gold Horse Topper
Photo by Greg Blomberg Photography via Style Me Pretty

As for those Southern desserts, Derby Pie and Red Velvet Cake is a Must! You can also serve some bourbon balls or bread pudding with bourbon sauce.

The delicious Derby Pie is a Kentucky bourbon chocolate walnut pie that is traditionally served at the annual Kentucky Derby Horse race. It is best served warm with a scoop of ice cream. Yummy! For your wedding cake, I would suggest having the Famous Red Velvet Cake. This elegant cake is the legendary ruby colored red velvet cake with heavenly creamy rich frosting.

You may also want to look below at some of the desserts, wedding cakes and other tasty treats for ideas.

Hat Box Themed Cake

Kentucky Derby Trophy Cake
Photo via Cake Central

Kentucky Derby Hat Bridal Shower Cake
Photo via Cake Central

Derby Treats
Photo courtesy by Sweets by Millie

Twinspired Cake 
(Twinspired is a race horse)
Photo courtesy by Sweets by Millie

Bourbon Balls
Photo via Southern Living

Baby Hot Browns
Photo via Southern Living

If you are looking for wedding cake makers here in Louisville, visit our local wedding cake vendor list.

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