Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Louisville Wedding Planning Quick Tips: Creating your Wedding Registry

Louisville Wedding Planning Quick Tips: Creating your Wedding Registry

Creating your wedding registry is basically shopping and picking items that you love.

Take inventory. Whether you live together or combining households, you need to take a good look around at what you need in your home or what you’d love to have in your home on your wish list.  The bonus about registering today is there are so many stores offering gift registries.

Shop Around. Find the registry pick that is best for you and don’t feel that you have to constrain it to just one. One, two or three registries is perfectly acceptable at different stores that would target different needs in your home. Browsing online to discover what you’d love for your registry are a great thing to do before you head out to stores and start scanning. 

Consider Experiences. For a modern twist to tradition, consider registering experiences. For example, a honeymoon experience. There are so many places you can browse online to find companies offering travel adventures and experiences everywhere from Walt Disney World to Europe resorts. 

Register. Once you have decided on what your registry to looks like, it’s time to go shopping. A tip to remember, consider items from different price points and categories so guests have a lot of options to choose from.

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