Friday, September 30, 2011

{Louisville Real Weddings Inspiration}

Photo by Billy Grubbs Photography
Here's a few Louisville weddings you might want to visit for inspiration...

Take a look at this stunning bride's golden shoes. The lovely couple tied the knot at St. Boniface Catholic Church and celebrated at The Henry Clay.

Another Monique Lhuillier gown creation

I'm lovin' the pumpkin centerpieces for this fall wedding by Billy Grubbs Photography

A UK fan gets married

Happy Weekend Everyone. I'll see you on October! =)

Different Types of Wedding Venues in Louisville

Located on the Ohio River in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky, Louisville offers several excellent and memorable wedding venues. The vicinity boasts a country feel and a southern charm that is perfect for a romantic, elegant or simple wedding. Historic homes, museums, hotels and gardens are a few of the ceremony site options available to couples planning their dream wedding. Many of the wedding venues in Louisville offer receptions options to fit any reception, big or small.
A lot of historic houses in Louisville offer their venue for events such as weddings. Couples can marry on the lush grounds in front of the house. They can continue the celebration in the main ballroom and wine room or in the gardens and gazebo. Couples can choose to rent the entire grounds or specific areas of the house for their wedding day celebration. Some of the known historic homes in Louisville include the Brennan House, Thomas Edison House and the Whitehall Mansion.
For a refined ceremony setting, you can also consider renting out a museum for your wedding ceremony. There are several museums in the area that offer exhibits in art, history and science, as well as a stunning backdrop for a wedding. The Frazier Museum accommodated wedding ceremonies and receptions. It has a rooftop garden that overlooks the Ohio River that is perfect for your ceremony venue and you can use one of the function rooms as your reception venue. Another museum in Louisville that hosts wedding is the Derby Museum. With a live horse in the courtyard, the wedding reception can overflow to the outdoors and give your guests a great view of the historic Churchill Downs. Since Kentucky is known for its love of horse racing and Derby festivities, this venue is perfect in showcasing a bit of your Kentucky heritage. There is also the Conrad-Caldwell House Museum at St. James Court, which is an old house equipped with manicured gardens with a large water fountain.
Louisville also boasts a number of quality hotels that offer various wedding reception options. Most of the hotels here specialize in on-site ceremonies and receptions, offering a full menu of planning and catering services. The Seelbach Hilton Hotel is a grand venue for a wedding reception. Their Grand Ballroom offers a poetic and magical atmosphere with its gold and cobalt decor, crystal chandeliers, and palladium windows with views of picturesque Louisville. Also, you can celebrate your wedding at the Galt House where guests will be awestruck at the beautiful views of the Ohio River that the hotel provides. Another wonderful hotel is the Brown Hotel. They boast the magnificent ambiance of the Crystal Ballroom which features original crystal chandeliers.
Perhaps, one the most popular wedding venues in the Louisville area are churches and chapels. Church weddings, though declining, it has still been a choice for a lot of couples. If you are interested in getting married, a church can be the perfect Louisville wedding venue location.
If you're fond of the beauty of nature, one of Louisville's Metro Parks can provide breathtaking views as a backdrop to your wedding ceremony. You can reserve a local park for your wedding and reception and enjoy the great outdoors on one of the most important days of your life. Louisville's Metro Parks system includes 124 parks, four indoor lodges, four modern conference facilities, more than 60 outdoor picnic shelters, more than 50 multipurpose fields and over a dozen Community Centers that are available for weddings. By reserving a picnic shelter you can ensure that it will be available to you exclusively for you to use on the day you choose.
Thinking of other unconventional and alternative wedding venues in Louisville? If you love sailing over the Ohio River, you can choose to host your wedding on the Belle of Louisville. This extraordinary steamboat offers beautiful views of the city and the Ohio River. If you're both baseball fans, what could be better than getting married at the Louisville Slugger Field. Or if you spend a lot of time at your local golf club, why not get married there?
As mentioned earlier, the beautiful green metropolis of Louisville has over 100 wedding venues, ranging from historic homes, to museums, deluxe hotels and farm houses. Whatever kind of wedding you're planning, it's always better to start early when looking for your venues. You can do this by researching your wedding venues online.
The Louisville Wedding Blog is a local, online bridal guide and Louisville, KY resource.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chocolatier in Louisvillle

Looking for chocolate makers and manufacturers in Louisville? Check out Cellar Door Chocolates. They are a Kentucky Proud manufacturer and all their confections are handmade! They have a lot of gourmet chocolate confections to choose from. From chocolates to truffles and more truffles, they make a great edible wedding favor to your guests. From what I've read, their bestseller is the cayenne pepper chocolate truffles. You might want to try them out by visiting them at Butchertown or at the Galt House.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{DIY Wedding Project} DIY Paper Roll Chandeliers

Look at these gorgeous centerpieces. It's easy to make just by using toilet paper rolls!

{DIY Wedding Project} DIY String Chandeliers

With the use of twine, glue and balloons, you can create these string lanterns for your wedding. I found this DIY Wedding Project via  Ruffled by Jessica of Wednesday Inc. Click {here} to see how to make these gorgeous chandeliers. It's really easy (but messy) to make.

Monday, September 26, 2011

{Lovely Details} Red Gown

Even if the cut-out patterns do remind me of doiles, this is one gorgeous red gown. I definitely would like to wear this one!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

{DIY Wedding Project} DIY Crepe Paper Tassles

Aren't these cute and lovely. They make great additions to your wedding favor boxes. Go and see the full tutorial {here}.

{Wedding Picks & Finds of the Week}

Aren't these adorable little flags?! They were created for the cocktails and printed with quotes and settings. Anyway, I hope everyone's enjoying the first weekend of fall!

Some links that you'll love: 

Give your bridesmaid this perfect piece-of-your-heart locket keepsake by Beauty Spot

An unforgettable wedding + a stunning bridal veil via Snippet and Ink

A deliciously rustic Virginia farm wedding by Cramer Photo 

Having multiple registries and difficulty keeping track of them all, check out Simple Registry

A laid back homegrown style outdoor wedding plus ideas on outdoor reception lounges

Creative and chic tent decor + antique lanterns for reception tent decor

Happy Fall Weekend everyone!

Friday, September 23, 2011

{Louisville Real Weddings Inspiration}

I hope everyone's having a great Friday! Happy Weekend to all! Here's a round of weddings recently held here in Louisville. Hope you'll be inspired! =)

I just love looking at this gorgeous wedding at the Nunnlea House by Julie Weigand 

This is definitely one happy wedding at the Glassworks by J. Grace Photography 

Sawyer Hayes Community Center Wedding Reception by Jason Holzworth Photography

{DIY Wedding Project} Bubble Chandelier

Photo by Aruna B. Photography via  100 Layer Cake via Bridal Guide
This great bubble chandelier can cost anywhere from $3000 to $7000. BUT, with this DIY Bubble Chandelier Project, you can add this wonderful eye-catching & whimiscal lighting decor without necessarily breaking your budget. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamonds are the ultimate expression of love. They are the loveliest of all gems and are coveted because of their beauty. It is the hardest transparent material, one hundred times harder than sapphire or ruby. Just like the love between you and your special someone should be.

What are the things you need to consider when choosing a diamond ring?

Find our her tastes. Pay attention to the style of jewelry she wears and her jewelry tastes. Does she prefer white gold, yellow cold or platinum? Would you say that the jewelry she wears is traditional, classic, contemporary or vintage looking rings? Or  has she mentioned her favorite jewelry styles? If not, take her shopping. You can say that your looking for a watch, but be sure to pass at the engagement ring counters and casually drop a comment about the styles of rings. Or have her friends take her into a store, or ask her family for ideas.

Look for what looks best on her hands and consider her lifestyle. Choosing jewelry is similar when choosing clothes. What's her ring size? The ring should be proportional to the finger. An elongated diamond, like oval shapes can make short fingers look more longer. Wide bands usually make bands appear shorter. Long fingers can easily wear bold ring styles. How will the ring fit with her lifestyle? Consider a ring that she can wear everyday rather than one that will be worn on special occasions.

Consider your budget. Your engagement ring budget is a top consideration. There's a tradition that holds that a man should spend two months of his salary on the engagement right. However, it's up to you if you would like to conform to tradition. Don't stress if your budget is tight, because you can buy an affordable engagement ring. Let your jeweler know your price range so they can show you their ring collections that fall within the range. You can also think about having the engagement ring customized. Just talk to the jeweler about the price, timings and ring styles. 

Know your jewelry ABCs. It's always good to know and understand what you are looking for and help you ward off disreputable jewelers. When buying an engagement ring, be knowing important ring lingo, you'll be confident enough to buy what fits your loved one. Here's a few terms you need to be familiar with.
Band - The band is the circular part of the ring that sits around the finger. It's usually made from gold, silver, or platinum.
Setting - The setting refers to the piece that holds the gemstone in place, which is attached to the band
4Cs of Diamond - Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut
  • Carat- It refers to a stone’s actual weight, and one carat equals to half a gram. Diamonds weighing one carat or more are invariably the most expensive because they extremely rare. 
  • Color- The color of a diamond accounts for 25% of its price tag. While ordinary buyers may think of diamonds are being only of one color, in fact, there are several color ranges or tints. The highest-quality color grades are D, E, and F, all corresponding to a pure “white” color, with no tinge of yellow. Almost all diamonds have some tint – only the rarest diamonds are as clear as distilled water.
  • Clarity- Inclusions and impurities reduce the value of a diamond. Around 20% of a diamond’s price tag is attributed to its clarity. A diamond stone will always have impurities or inclusions that hinder with its clarity. The less impurities a diamond has, the more value it has. 
  • Cut- A diamond’s cut and proportion determines its brilliance thus shaping the price of a diamond at 50% of the price tag. Cutting it with a sense of proportion, symmetry and polish, it can make a diamond to sparkle. 

    {Wedding Drinks} Chardonnay's Under $10

    While looking into wedding budget tips, I found some info that was quite helpful for couples. Wines like Chardonnay have been a choice for wedding drinks. If you're planning to purchase to share with your guests (within the budget of course), you may need to know some top choices for Chardonnays under $10. You can 
    read the whole article here, but here is a brief snippet.

    10 Chardonnays under $10
    1. Bogle Vineyards Chardonnay
    2. Fetzer Vineyards Valley Oaks Chardonnay
    3. Mark West Chardonnay
    4. Chalone Chardonnay
    5. Morro Bay Split Oak Vineyard Chardonnay
    6. Robert Mondavi Private Selection:
    7. A by Acacia Chardonnay 
    8. Estancia Chardonnay
    9. Sebastiani Chardonnay
    10. McManis Chardonnay
    You can purchase one of these wines at Trader's Joe, Safeway and BevMo.

    {Louisville Real Wedding Photography} by Courtney Reece at Huber’s Orchard and Winery

    Here's another beautiful wedding I'd like to share with you, taken by Louisville Wedding Photographer Courtney Reece. The wedding was held in Southern Indiana state's best secret: Huber’s Orchard and Winery. It's so beautiful and it's a great choice if your planning to have an outdoor ceremony. If you're ever out this way then it's worth stopping by.  They have a restaurant, carriage rides, horseback riding, fruit picking, farmers market, vineyard, winery & grill, outdoor music in the evening, and so much more!! Anyways, here's a few pictures of the lovely couple in the area. See the rest of the wedding pictures here.

    Wednesday, September 21, 2011

    {Wedding Dress Inspiration} Atelier Aimée - Juliet and Romeo Collection

    These are some of my favorite wedding dresses from the Juliet & Romeo Collection by Atelier Aimée. This bridal look features Swarovski adorned wool berets, boleros, and short and long coats. This is perfect for the winter bride that chooses to marry during the end of the year holidays.

    For details, prices and availability, visit Atelier Aimée.

    Louisville Wedding Planning Quick Tips: Creating your Wedding Registry

    Louisville Wedding Planning Quick Tips: Creating your Wedding Registry

    Creating your wedding registry is basically shopping and picking items that you love.

    Take inventory. Whether you live together or combining households, you need to take a good look around at what you need in your home or what you’d love to have in your home on your wish list.  The bonus about registering today is there are so many stores offering gift registries.

    Shop Around. Find the registry pick that is best for you and don’t feel that you have to constrain it to just one. One, two or three registries is perfectly acceptable at different stores that would target different needs in your home. Browsing online to discover what you’d love for your registry are a great thing to do before you head out to stores and start scanning. 

    Consider Experiences. For a modern twist to tradition, consider registering experiences. For example, a honeymoon experience. There are so many places you can browse online to find companies offering travel adventures and experiences everywhere from Walt Disney World to Europe resorts. 

    Register. Once you have decided on what your registry to looks like, it’s time to go shopping. A tip to remember, consider items from different price points and categories so guests have a lot of options to choose from.

    {Lovely Details} for the Lady Beer Drinkers

    “may you enjoy many, many happy hours”
    Photo via Twig & Thistle
    For the Lady Beer Drinkers (& Non-Drinkers)

    plus... if your thinking of getting some cocktail glasses for your groomsmen, check out this Rodeo Cocktail Collection.

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    {Wedding Gifts to your Bridal Party} Hand Dyed Scarves

    {Wedding Gifts to your Bridal Party} Hand Dyed Scarves
    Hand Dyed Scarves via Postcards and Pretties

    I came across these post on Postcards and Pretties on these gorgeous hand dyed scarves by Scarf Shop in 16 different beautiful colors. Especially with autumn drawing in, these colored scarves can give you a great classy and lovely look. It's great gift to yourself (or to your bridesmaids as well). They'll definitely thank you for them.

    {Wedding Decoration} Upside Down Balloons

    Image via Momtastic

    Here's a quick wedding decor tip when using balloons! Instead of filling up balloons with helium, use blown up balloons and hang them upside down.

    Monday, September 19, 2011

    {Louisville Real Wedding} by Todd Pellowe at Downtown Louisville

    Such a wonderful sight. He can't seem to take his eyes off her...

    Here's a beautiful Louisville Downtown wedding by Louisville wedding photographer Todd Pellowe. If you look through the rest of the wedding photographs of this couple, you'll definitely  see the love and admiration of the groom to his wife in his eyes...

    Getting ready at the Seelbach Hilton
    Gillespie Reception

    Getting Ready: Seelbach
    Ceremony: Cathedral of the Assumption
    Reception: Gillespie

    {Wedding Decoration} Chalkboard Ideas (Part II)

    DIY Chalkboard Buffet Labels
    There is a great tutorial for these DIY Chalkboard Buffet Labels at Momtastic. It's really simple and quick to make.
    Also, check out other chalkboard ideas

    Sunday, September 18, 2011

    {Louisville Real Wedding Photography} by Courtney Reece Photography in Downtown Louisville

     {Louisville Real Wedding } by Courtney Reece Photography in Downtown Louisville
     Hello all! I love seeing animals in weddings. Makes me realize pets do mean a lot to people. Anyways, here's another wedding inspiration alert for you. This beautiful wedding was held within the Downtown Louisville area. All the wedding photographs here are by Courtney Reece Photography. See the rest of this wedding collection in her website.

    I love her wedding dress. Simple yet elegant. Nice brooch too!

    This is one of the happiest groom's face I've seen so far.

    This is so sweet.

    Pre-Ceremony: Seelbach Hilton
    Wedding Ceremony: St. Boniface
    Wedding Reception: Gillespie

    {Wedding Decor Inspiration} Chalkboard Fun and Creative Ideas

    We Tied the Knot

    It's been a long time since I've graduated from school, yet, I still remember times being called up to the front of the class to write out the answer on the board. Writing on a chalkboard is fun and with chalkboard paint, it’s so easy to get creative with your wedding signage.
    Here's a few fun ideas… Enjoy!
    Bride and Groom Seat Label

    Drink Tags
     via Etsy

    Wall Decor

    Table Number

    Favor Tags

    Chalkboard painted getaway wedding car!

    {Wedding Finds of the Week}

    Coxcomb Fall Wedding Bouquets via Ruffled
    Happy Sunday my lovelies! Hope you all had a wonderful week! Autumn is finally here and I thought I'd share with you some fall inspiration with you. Here are some of my favorites around the web:

    • A color pattern that brings out beauty of autumn to your wedding theme


    • If your are looking for a great snack, try making some of these delightful ginger lemon cookies. (Yum!)

    Saturday, September 17, 2011

    {Wedding Dress Inspiration} Christian Siriano Spring/Summer 2012

    Here are some dresses that caught my eyes from Christian Siriano’s Spring/Summer 2012 ready-to-wear collection. I feel that you might be inspired on your upcoming spring/summer wedding. =)

    For details, availability and prices, visit Christian Siriano’s website.

    Friday, September 16, 2011

    {Louisville Real Wedding} by Jessica Lagomarcino at the Peterson-Dumesnil House

    {Louisville Real Wedding} by Jessica Lagomarcino at the Peterson-Dumesnil House
    Here's another fabulous Louisville wedding you should see. These wedding photos were taken by Jessica Lagomarcino at the Peterson-Dumensil House (one of the historic houses in Louisville). Both the wedding ceremony and reception were held outdoors. There were a few Kentucky details used in the wedding for you to check out– Mason ball jars overflowing with flowers and jars of honey for the guests. Enjoy!

    Wedding Cake with Strawberries by Cake Flour

    Entrance Porch

    Wedding Ceremony

    Wedding Reception
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