Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding Video: Kristen + Darren by Confetti

Everytime I watch wedding videos or SDE, I always look forward to listening to a couple's wedding vows. I found this video recently, and I cried listening to their vows. Be Inspired and Enjoy!

Video by Confetti via Vimeo

Groom: "I chose you to be my lifepartner. I feel so lucky to have chosen that you have chosen to share your love with me. Can you believe that it's our Big Day? ... I feel so lucky to have met you 3.5 years ago. And even though we just barely met, I felt that we had something very special. We both knew, a few months later, that we were in love, even though it was sort of unspoken. With our friends and family here with us today, I promise to love, cherish and respect you through whatever we face..."

Bride: "There are many times when I see you across the room, or when I wake up with you by my side in the morning that an overwhelming feeling comes over me. I truly feel like pinching myself. I feel so lucky and so blessed to have you in my life. With you, I'm comfortable being myself, that I'm challenged to try new things and be inspired to be a person you'll always respect... I love you more than my words can express. You're my bestfriend, my support system, and my family. I promise never to take you and our life together for granted. Here in this beautiful place that means so much to us, I want you to know that I love you unconditionally, for who you are and the husband that you will be and I love only you forever."

PS: Check out the video at 00:10. I like the way they decorated the couples table. It's really simple yet cute and unique. It's basically a square table for two, covered in white cloth, draped on 2 sides with a banner saying MR & MRS. I find it really cute

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