Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Louisville Wedding Planning Quick Tips: Choosing your Cake and Flowers

Louisville Wedding Planning Quick Tips: Choosing your Cake and Flowers

Few of the things that make a fabulous wedding is wonderful flowers and a gorgeous cake.

Find a Florist. When it comes to finding a florist, make a short list of vendors in your area and hit the streets and visit them in their stores. Ask to see portfolios from their previous weddings they have done and checkout their wedding bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, all of their florals and figure out if they are a match for you. If you found that person, let them present their vision to you of what they see for your wedding based on the details you have told them.

Choose a Cake Designer. Just like choosing your florist, choosing a cake designer for your wedding is also a fun task. The tasting is of course one of the best things that happen when shopping for a cake designer but also looking at the beautiful sweets and confections that they have created for other weddings is also an added bonus. Find someone who melts with your style like with your chosen florist and often these two work together.
Book in advance. Be sure to find out how long your cake would take to create and make sure you book your cake maker in advance. 

Confirm all Costs. Do you need to put down a deposit for your cake? Or is it payable on the day of the wedding? Another fee you may need to be mindful of is the delivery fee: Will it be included to the fee of the cake or will it be an added fee to the fee of the cake?

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