Monday, August 8, 2011

Louisville Wedding Planning Quick Tips: DIY Wedding Tips

I like reading and researching how beautiful things can be done in an alternative way and at a much affordable cost. The internet has a huge library of knowledge on things that can be done on our own especially on d├ęcor and gift items. I have this rekindling love for vintage and all things beautiful. I get so inspired just reading Martha Stewart Wedding articles, The Knot bios, and the Weddingbee.

Some tips I’ve read and learned so far:
  • DIY wedding items can often be the ultra-cheapest way to go. But.. DIY are not always the cheaper alternative! But they add sentiment, uniqueness, and charm to your day and that is what it’s all about.
  • That said, it’s better to use items that have resale value or that will be great additions to your new home after saying the "I Dos"
  • Use and researching items that are not "wedding" tagged and retailed. Adding wedding to anything increases the price (e.g. photography, flowers, favors, etc.)
  • Shop the clearance aisles after Christmas. That includes centerpieces, favors, candles, vases, etc. which can all be found after clearance up to 75%. Don't give up a chance to get 100 table napkins for 1.00 for the additional 25% off, when stock goes down. That’s a great deal!

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