Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wedding Planning Quick Tips: What to do after Engagement?

Wedding Planning: What to do after Engagement?

Tell the world. Spread the word and celebrate with family and friends. Remember to keep this personal and think about who has been called or notified about this wonderful news before posting in Facebook.

Create a Wedding Website. This allows family and friends to keep posted of wedding news. There are a lot of wedding websites out there to choose from. 

Book Engagement Session. This is something which a lot of wedding planners endorse and advice couples to do so. I’m sure we love taking lots of photos and videos of this special day. So think of an engagement session as a trial hair and make-up session. That way everyone can be more comfortable with the people helping us out on our wedding day.

Be Prepared for an Engagement Party. Keep weekends open for the following months because maybe there may be engagement parties in mind for you and they are usually surprises.

Enjoy being Engaged. It’s a special time of your life because you are in the verge of planning one of the memorable moments in your life.

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