Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wedding Planning Quick Tips: Choosing your Wedding Party

Wedding Planning Quick Tips: Choosing your Wedding Party

At times, it is a stressful activity when it comes to wedding planning, but if we take it step by step, it’s gonna a fun and exciting to do. Now, the first question to ask is…

How Many? How big should be our wedding party and how much is too much? Have a realistic number in mind of people you would like to be in your wedding party (aka your bridesmaid and groomsmen).

How to Decide (who is in your wedding party)? Always a difficult decision, but a great advice is looking at people in your life who are special in your life, who you are close to, who you have a great relationship with and who are gonna be there to support you through your day and make it a fun and fabulous day for you. Pick people who you want to be surrounded with on your day and pick people as a group that you think would work well together.

Select the Maid of Honor and Best Man. The two people who you appoint for this job should be responsible, cool, calm and collective and people you know you can rely on throughout your day to keep it on course. The Maid of Honor is responsible for holding the bridal shower for the bride, while the Best Man is responsible for the Bachelor party for the groom. Both are going to be with you at your side throughout your wedding day so both have to be responsible and organized.

Find a Flower Girl or a Ring Bearer. It’s not necessary to have little ones in your wedding party. But if you have a special niece or nephew or a child of your own, go ahead with it. I’m sure they would be thrilled to be part with it. It is advisable and appropriate that the child be at least 4 years old (as any younger than that it will be difficult for the little ones to concentrate and do their jobs well).

When to Ask? After giving thought to who you would like to be part of your wedding party, make sure to ask personally. Do not send an email invitation or address it on social media. A personal phone call or a meeting would be a good way to go on this and I’m sure they’ll be very thrilled to be part of your day.

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