Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wedding Dress: Gently Used Works Great!

Gently Used Works Great

Of course, secondhand is good enough!

Some brides may cower at the idea of a second hand dress but the reality is it makes good financial sense. A lot of blogs I’ve been checking lately have been supportive of the use of secondhand items. I think that other than furniture or designer clothes, affordable vintage and other things are definitely in. Right now, I think I have to start having an open mind about visiting secondhand stores, consignment places and flea markets. Just imagine how much you can save, consignment/thrift prices go as low as 50% off the retail price of a brand new version. From what I know, consignment shops do not generally just accept any item unless it is in top-notch condition and since most ladies only wear their wedding dress once, you’re likely to find a great deal on a dress. I just have to make sure to check the garment for any strange smells, marks, stains, etc. I better start looking around though. As what I read somewhere: “When what you don’t have is money, all you do have is time.” I better start searching for vintage: aka one-of-a-kind affordable thrills.

So far, I’ve checked some websites that offer once-worn wedding dresses. They really offer good deals especially when you what a designer gown. 

Just a few more ideas on second hand items:

*mismatched but coordinated old vases for centerpieces.
*paper for the invites/programs/seating cards/etc.
*favors (decors, non-edible items)

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