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Louisville Wedding Planning Quick Tips: Avoiding the Crowds

Louisville Wedding Planning Quick Tips: Avoiding the Crowds

There are a number of large Louisville events to take note of when selecting your wedding date. By avoiding booking your wedding too close to large Louisville events, you can save a lot of money. Each year, the Kentucky Derby Festival takes place (usually around April) and features more than 100 different shows and events. An estimated 1.5 million people attend from all over the country (and around the world too), taking up almost all hotel rooms and driving prices through the roof. For instance, half a million people gather at the Louisville lakefront for the 28-minute 'Thunder Over Louisville' firework show.  Booking your wedding during Louisville's 'off season' can save you a lot of money.

Planning a Louisville Wedding: Weather Considerations

Planning a Louisville Wedding: Weather Considerations
It’s always important to take note of what the weather is going to be like on your decided date. If you're planning an outdoor wedding around the Louisville area, it’s great to know that May is the month most likely to bring showers and thunderstorms, so have a backup plan waiting. With much milder weather during the summer, June and July are great for outdoor weddings, but you may be faced with higher prices since these are the most popular wedding months.  For brides who'd prefer to say their vows indoors, of course, there are a number of fabulous venues to serve you. 

Louisville Wedding Venues: Galt House Hotels and Suites

Louisville Wedding Venues: Galt House Hotels and Suites
The Galt House is one of Louisville's premier hotels for unforgettable weddings. If you've invited lots of out-of-town guests and need an all-inclusive wedding package, look no further than the Galt House. The Galt House can accommodate wedding parties of as few as 50 or as many as 1,000 guests, all of whom will be awestruck at the beautiful views of the Ohio River the hotel provides. It has full-service facilities, exceptional menus, cocktails and memorable rehearsal dinners or receptions. Their staff will gladly work with you to customize your special event making it memorable for a lifetime. Aside from the ceremony and festivities, the Galt House intends to make it a full and complete wedding experience for both the couple and their guests. The Galt House can accommodate your wedding guests no matter where you choose to have your ceremony or reception.
The Galt House is host to two ballrooms, six restaurants, a Fitness Club with a spectacular view on the top floor of the East Tower, a glass domed Conservatory modeled after the Crystal Palace in London, and the magnificent RIVUE restaurant and lounge with twin revolving floors 25 stories high.

 Galt House Hotels and Suites
Address: 140 North 4th Street

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Louisville Wedding Photographer: Tony Matkey at the Galt House Hotel and Suites

Real Wedding: Amanda and Mark

Wedding Ceremony: Galt House Hotels and Suites
Wedding Reception: Galt House Hotels and Suites

Photographer: Tony Matkey (email:
Phone: 812-989-7300
Fax: 866-858-8770

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wedding Planning Quick Tips: Choosing your Wedding Party

Wedding Planning Quick Tips: Choosing your Wedding Party

At times, it is a stressful activity when it comes to wedding planning, but if we take it step by step, it’s gonna a fun and exciting to do. Now, the first question to ask is…

How Many? How big should be our wedding party and how much is too much? Have a realistic number in mind of people you would like to be in your wedding party (aka your bridesmaid and groomsmen).

How to Decide (who is in your wedding party)? Always a difficult decision, but a great advice is looking at people in your life who are special in your life, who you are close to, who you have a great relationship with and who are gonna be there to support you through your day and make it a fun and fabulous day for you. Pick people who you want to be surrounded with on your day and pick people as a group that you think would work well together.

Select the Maid of Honor and Best Man. The two people who you appoint for this job should be responsible, cool, calm and collective and people you know you can rely on throughout your day to keep it on course. The Maid of Honor is responsible for holding the bridal shower for the bride, while the Best Man is responsible for the Bachelor party for the groom. Both are going to be with you at your side throughout your wedding day so both have to be responsible and organized.

Find a Flower Girl or a Ring Bearer. It’s not necessary to have little ones in your wedding party. But if you have a special niece or nephew or a child of your own, go ahead with it. I’m sure they would be thrilled to be part with it. It is advisable and appropriate that the child be at least 4 years old (as any younger than that it will be difficult for the little ones to concentrate and do their jobs well).

When to Ask? After giving thought to who you would like to be part of your wedding party, make sure to ask personally. Do not send an email invitation or address it on social media. A personal phone call or a meeting would be a good way to go on this and I’m sure they’ll be very thrilled to be part of your day.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wedding Planning QuickTips: Choosing your Photographer and Videographer

Wedding Planning: Choosing your Photographer and Videographer

Do Your Research. Shop around and figure out who’s out there in your area producing things that are appealing for you and suited to your celebration. There are so many styles of photography and videography out there today. There’s really one to suit every wedding style, every bride, every couple. You can get recommendations from friends and family as well.

Conduct Interviews. Make a short list of people you would like to meet with and find out more about their services. Meeting them in person will give you a feel of the person and be able to see more of their work and get up close and personal with them. After going through the list and met with the potentials, you’d be able to know which of them you’d like and who’s the best person for the jobs.

Review and Confirm Package Details. The key things you should look at are the package details:  What is the cost? What is expected to be paid upfront? What is expected to be paid after the completion of the project? There is often a fee afterwards when creating final albums and DVDs and CDs. Make sure you know the ins and outs of the contract before signing on the dotted line.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Wedding Planning Quick Tips: Picking your wedding date and location and setting your budget

Wedding Planning: Picking your wedding date and location and setting your budget

Make a Date. While you may have an ideal date in mind, you may not be able to get your ideal location. So, you need to be flexible with one or the other.

Remember that location sets Tone and Style. Will you get married in a church? Will you have your reception at a reception hall? Will you have everything under one roof? Will you have it at a hotel? This are things you may have to take into consideration. 

Also consider looking at different times of the day or the day of week that might fit your schedule and that might be more budget-friendly.

Assess Guest List. Take a really good look at the people you really, really want at your celebration that’s within your budget and that would fit your venue.

Create a Realistic Budget taking into account things like the guest list and the venue. Think about what’s important to you in terms of details: Do you need a cake? Do you need a photographer? Do you need flowers and all those great stuff that go with it? If you do, you need to budget accordingly to make it happen for you.

Send out Save-The-Dates. Once all the important details (the date, time and location) are all set, you can now send out your save-the-dates to your family and friends.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wedding Dress: Gently Used Works Great!

Gently Used Works Great

Of course, secondhand is good enough!

Some brides may cower at the idea of a second hand dress but the reality is it makes good financial sense. A lot of blogs I’ve been checking lately have been supportive of the use of secondhand items. I think that other than furniture or designer clothes, affordable vintage and other things are definitely in. Right now, I think I have to start having an open mind about visiting secondhand stores, consignment places and flea markets. Just imagine how much you can save, consignment/thrift prices go as low as 50% off the retail price of a brand new version. From what I know, consignment shops do not generally just accept any item unless it is in top-notch condition and since most ladies only wear their wedding dress once, you’re likely to find a great deal on a dress. I just have to make sure to check the garment for any strange smells, marks, stains, etc. I better start looking around though. As what I read somewhere: “When what you don’t have is money, all you do have is time.” I better start searching for vintage: aka one-of-a-kind affordable thrills.

So far, I’ve checked some websites that offer once-worn wedding dresses. They really offer good deals especially when you what a designer gown. 

Just a few more ideas on second hand items:

*mismatched but coordinated old vases for centerpieces.
*paper for the invites/programs/seating cards/etc.
*favors (decors, non-edible items)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wedding Planning Quick Tips: What to do after Engagement?

Wedding Planning: What to do after Engagement?

Tell the world. Spread the word and celebrate with family and friends. Remember to keep this personal and think about who has been called or notified about this wonderful news before posting in Facebook.

Create a Wedding Website. This allows family and friends to keep posted of wedding news. There are a lot of wedding websites out there to choose from. 

Book Engagement Session. This is something which a lot of wedding planners endorse and advice couples to do so. I’m sure we love taking lots of photos and videos of this special day. So think of an engagement session as a trial hair and make-up session. That way everyone can be more comfortable with the people helping us out on our wedding day.

Be Prepared for an Engagement Party. Keep weekends open for the following months because maybe there may be engagement parties in mind for you and they are usually surprises.

Enjoy being Engaged. It’s a special time of your life because you are in the verge of planning one of the memorable moments in your life.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Useful Wedding Planning Resources

Chicago Wedding
Fourth Estate Audio – Chicago wedding planning and mobile DJ excellence since 1965. BBB rated A+.

Louisville Wedding Venues: 21C Museum Hotel

Louisville Wedding Venues: 21C Museum Hotel

“For the modern bride seeking a truly unique day, 21C Museum Hotel and Proof on Main have everything you need for your special day.”

If you are not familiar with it, 21C is a museum and hotel in Downtown Louisville featuring 21st century art. It is one of the most unique and probably the most art-filled locations for a wedding –even their restrooms are a work of art! A hotel unlike any other, the 21C Museum Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky combines Southern-style luxuries with contemporary art from living artists. This full-service hotel delivers the finest in service, amenities, and comfort along with a bit of inspiration for the soul.

Many couples who chose this venue reserve the 21C penthouse suite and had a beautiful rooftop wedding ceremony! This super swank ceremony location overlooks the Ohio River and Downtown Louisville.  Couples can also enjoy shooting their photos inside the 21C Museum. (Engagement sessions are like trial warm-up sessions. That way everyone gets to know each other better.) A favorite perk of having an event at 21C is the fact that the hotel offers their atrium projector {usually reserved for world famous works of art} for all weddings and rehearsal dinners.  Meaning you could have a personalized slide show among several works of 21st century art! Wanna end it with a grand exit? They have the 21c art car limousine
ready and waiting to take you off to your honeymoon.

21C Museum Hotel
Address: 700 West Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: 502-217-6300

Louisville Wedding Venues: The Brown Hotel in Louisville

Louisville Wedding Venues: The Brown Hotel in Louisville

If you are looking to be impressed with an elegant wedding, the Brown Hotel in Louisville is one of the top choices among Louisville wedding venues. Located at the corners of Fourth and Broadway in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, The Brown Hotel is one of the most treasured landmarks in Louisville. The Brown Hotel in Louisville is an historic, luxury hotel featuring classic English Renaissance architecture. It’s opulent lobby features hand-painted ceilings, Bottocino marble flooring, finely carved mahogany furniture, set in a Georgian-Revival style building of stone and terra cotta makes it Louisville’s oldest and most grandest hotel.

The Brown Hotel offers the most opulent catering and reception space in Louisville. The venue which attracts a bride-to-be’s attention is the magnificent Crystal Ballroom, featuring towering ceilings and a tremendous amount of detail. While known as an upscale venue, the Brown offers couples many choices for their wedding day, from a lavish full-service reception to a more-intimate gathering for close friends and families. There are other elegant banquet rooms which are perfectly suited for wedding rehearsal dinner and departure brunch.

The Crystal Ballroom at The Brown
 Photo from The Brown

The Brown Hotel Louisville
Address: 335 West Broadway
How To Get There:
Located at the corner of West Broadway and Fourth Street.
Valet, paid garages nearby
Visit Website
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