Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hello there!

what's the purpose of this blog? well, the main purpose is that i'm determined and persistent and soo determined to scour hi-and-lo for any and all ideas that will help me create a simply glamorous, amazing, chic and unique wedding in Louisville, Kentucky for $20,000 or much much less. that's a 50-50 budget between me and my groom-to-be. This $20k budget should include everything: the wedding reception/venue, the wedding dresses, the food and drinks, the rings (but not the engagement ring!!) and everything else. so i figured i'd bring all the ideas and tips together and organize them into this simple blog into like a wedding library online (actually a personal library which i am always welcome to .

now, i have a small confession to make. i'm not engaged and not even close to getting married! more like, waiting for a guy to sweep me of my feet and take me away. so its like, ummm or hmmm. just think of it as me starting early

 but for the past years i have been a fan of weddings having attended lots of weddings (of my cousins), worked in the hospitality and events industry for a while. i enjoying researching, organizing and planning stuff. i may not be the life of the party, but i'm already happy just being someone behind the scenes and making things happen.

i may not be a bride-to-be yet (i'm hoping i will be) and my journey may not be like your journey, but i do hope that i be somehow be of help to you...

thanks for dropping by... =)

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