Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wedding Vows Snapshot: Mr and Mrs. Bendicion-Chee

One of the moments in a wedding that I always look forward to are the exchange of vows between the bride and groom. These days, (in most weddings i have attended so far), it's been the generic set of vows, (which is okay too so don't get me wrong). But when a couple decides to write their own vows, I somehow get to feel the love between them.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine from college got married to her college sweetheart (but they have known each other from high school.) I would have wanted to post their SDE video in this blog, but I can't. So, allow me to share tidbits of their vows for each other.

G(room): Abby, I stand here before you today at a loss of words and amazed at how God has brought us together.

G: Who would have thought that when we met in high school and as I was sitting at the back during that math training seminar, that God in his wisdom would have something bigger planned for the both of us.

B(ride): Just as He loves me unconditionally, so do I promise by God's grace and in His love that I will love you, cherish you, understand you and be faithful to you, whether you are sexy and chubby, with or without tummy, pa-cute or grumpy, lovable or stubborn, serious or funny, impoverished or wealthy, sick or healthy, mabaho or mabango (smelly or fragrant), smooth or wrinkly, hairless or hairy, and so on and so forth.

G: There may be ups and of course there will always be downs. But just as God is with us, I will also be with you. I will be there to share my joy with you so that it may be multipled. I will be there to share your pain so that it may be divided.

G: As we go into this new stage in our lives as husband and wife, I promise that I love you with my whole heart. That you and you alone would hold the key to my heart.

G: Abby, I love you and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you and not a moment less.

B: I promise to be your partner in building a marraige and a family that's after God's own heart. I love you dear, now and all the days of my life.

Wedding Vows by Mr Fritzgerald Chee and Abi Bendicion-Chee

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